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1. Is steam-wallet.co real?

2. My account status has no credits?

3. What is credit?

4. My credits are gone!? How do I get it back?

5. Do I need to put my Steam login data?

6. How it does work?

7. Why do I need to complete a survey?


1. Yes, our service is real and been enjoyed by thousands of Steam users around the world! We are not some kind of fake scam site. We provide legit Steam Wallet codes that provided by Advertisers.

2. This happens because your browser is not synchronized with our site, to fix this problem, please use 'Reset Status' button below.

Reset My Status!
Note : When you reset your Status your Points will be reset to 0, and your referral link will change.

3. Credit is the same as Points, you need credits to claim your Steam Wallet code. You can get credit by sharing your referral link, and if someone clicks on your link, you will get 1 credit/visit.

4. Your credits and your referral link will reset in every 3 days. This is to prevent users abusing our site.

5. No, we will never ask you for your Steam login information. We are only providing the Steam Wallet code for you, and you redeem it by yourself.

6. It's so simple! Get credits>> Choose Steam Wallet amounts >> Complete a survey >> Receive Steam Wallet codes!

7. Advertisers provide all of the Steam Wallet codes. Well, believe it or not, this is actually true. You can get free Steam codes just by completing a survey from one of our sponsors. Advertisers/sponsors like to build email lists or gain insight and feedback about their products, in exchange for Steam codes.

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Only few simple steps:

- Share your unique link to get credits!

- Each time someone visits this website through your link, you will get $1 credit

- Once you reach enough credits, you can exchange it with Steam Wallet code!

$0 / $10

$20 Steam-Wallet Card

Status: 130 codes available  

$0 / $15

$50 Steam-Wallet Card

Status: 89 codes available  

$0 / $20

$100 Steam-Wallet Card

Status: 64 codes available  

How to earn Credits?

Share your unique link to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Skype or anywhere else.

You can also get credits by making a YouTube video and advertise your unique link on there.

Another common way to get credits is by sharing your link to Facebook Fanspage/Groups.

Sharing your link through Social Media sometimes give you credits even without someone's click!

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